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Tony Pernicone – An Odyssey in the Art Business.

I’ve alway been fond of the cautionary words from an unknown sage – “choose your profession before it chooses you.” These sobering words used to guid me as much as […]

Bob Chase, owner of Chase Art

009 Bob Chase (pt 1) – “I want to go to bed knowing somebody in the world is presenting our art.”

“I want to go to bed knowing somebody somewhere in the world is presenting a piece of art of ours.” – Bob Chase It’s easy to forget sometimes – heck, […]

Theron Kabrich co-owner of San Francisco Art Exchange

008 “Buying a painting is like acquiring a relationship” – Guest Theron Kabrich

It’s our first October episode of the Art Dealer Show. Which means in keeping of my 1970’s understanding of programing, we have the obligatory scary story. At least one that […]

Mimi Sperber, Owner of Off The Wall Gallery in Houston TX.

Mimi Sperber – “It’s not a collection – It’s an addiction”

We have a lot packed into an hour for you. Our guest the owner of Off The Wall Gallery in Houston – Mimi Sperber. Mimi has been cracking at the […]

Theron Kabrich owner of the San francisco Art Exchange

004 Theron Kabrich – Getting it right at least 51% of the time

I’ve got a great episode of the Art Dealer Show podcast this time—so good we had to break it into two parts. My guest is Theron Kabrich, co-owner of one […]

Jeff Jaffe of Pop International Gallery New York

002 Jeff Jaffe (part II) – How to sell art by going to bed with your collectors.

  Part two of our conversation with Jeff Jaffe the owner of Pop International Galleries in SoHo… scratch that. Jeff since our last episode, after almost 20 years has moved […]