12 Art gallery owner Thad Markham Pt II: Why killing to join a gang is like selling art?

Thad Markham: Owner of Artifacts Gallery in Cambria California.
Thad Markham: Owner of Artifacts Gallery in Cambria California.

Are you ready for the first Art Dealer Show of the New Year?

We are back with part II of my conversation with Thad Markham, the owner of Artifacts Gallery in Cambria, California and the designer/publisher of Out Of The Bowl.

Last time Thad and I talked a lot about the path he took to come into the art gallery business. It’s a great story and if you missed part I you should really check it out.

In this second half of our conversation, we dive much deeper into Thad’s driving philosophies on running a gallery business that guided him through the tough years. And how he’s refined his thinking over time to help him go far beyond just surviving.

Before we jump head deep into that great talk, we once again gather at our table in the dark end of the old art dealer bar, where I pose the question “what does gang initiation killings and Zappos’ unique employee indoctrination methods have to do with a basic but unspoken truth about selling art?” I’ll give you a hint, it’s how I’m getting through the next four years. But you’ll just have to listen to the show to get the full answer.


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Thad Markham, owner of:
Artifacts Gallery in Cambria CA
Publisher of:
Out Of the Bowl


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