17 Gallery Staffing: The Achilles Heel to the Art Biz. – Guest Heidi Leigh, Pt. 2

Heidi Leigh, Owner of AFA Gallery. Guest on the Art Dealer Show.
Heidi Leigh – Owner of AFA Gallery. In her SOHO gallery.

As promised, we’ve returned with part two of our conversation with Heidi Leigh, owner of AFA Gallery in SOHO New York and Belcastel France. And if you liked part one, I can promise that you’ll love part two.

When I asked Heidi “what is the toughest thing about running a gallery today?”, she replied “same as it was yesterday—finding good help.”

There is so much packed into that very honest answer. And the truth is, you may have the most desirable pieces of art by the hottest artists, the grandest gallery showplace on the perfect corner but if you don’t have the people who can do the job of selling art—well then, you’ve got nothing. Heidi and I may not have come up with the answers on how to get those people, let alone keep them, but we do hit on a few worthwhile bits of wisdom that may get us all a little closer.

But this rich dialogue between dealers doesn’t end there: Heidi will argue on whether blind faith is needed to survive; and if there is anything to “manifesting” success (guess which side this curmudgeon is on.) We’ll even talk about her art gallery in France that sits inside her castle, surrounded by a real moat with a drawbridge. And why even with that – THE FRENCH STILL WON’T BUY ART FROM US.


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Heidi Leigh – Owner of AFA Gallery NYC/France:
54 Greene Street New York, NY 10013
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