19 What in the Gallery Is Telling Them Not to Buy from You? – Guest Richard Perry, Part II

Richard Perry owner of Centaur Galleries.
Richard Perry owner of Centaur Galleries.

How about this for a show tease? An Andy Warhol painting changes the lives of a civil servant’s family forever, Dali’s pet ocelot gets out of control, and the chance encounter of a 19 year old and a famous eccentric millionaire made gallery history in Las Vegas. 

Now if that does not have you hooked for an hour of listening than this podcast will never be for you. But if it has, I’m thrilled to welcome you back for part two of our conversation with Richard (Dick to his friends) Perry. 

In our first episode, we learned how the government seizing every penny a young Perry had led him to taking a key role in what would eventually become a gallery dynasty — and the great stories that came from those early days at Merrill Chase Galleries. (listen to episode one) This episode picks up in the second chapter of Richard’s career as we follow him to Las Vegas where he opens Centaur Galleries, the first major art gallery on the strip. 

But before we jump into all of that, I’d like to buy you a drink and bend your ear a bit over at the Ol’ Art Dealer Lounge. This week I’ve been thinking about how two hundred years of our frontal lobe evolution, and the answer to why you should never order a cocktail at a bar with plastic pourer tops, may be the reason that some people didn’t buy that big painting from you. If nothing else, it’s worth seeing how I dig myself out of that cryptic set up…


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Richard Perry – Owner of Centaur Gallery, Las Vegas NV:
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